Our new southern white rhino calf, named Future, plays at the Nikita Kahn Rhino Rescue Center at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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She Has a Name

Rhino Calf Name Honors a Strong Female Leader

We’re so excited to share that we’ve named the newest member of the San Diego Zoo Global family. Named after a strong female leader and past president of a foundation which has generously supported our groundbreaking program, Amani's calf has been named Future.

Future is the first female calf born at the Nikita Kahn Rhino Rescue Center. She’s also the 100th southern white rhino born at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the 188th rhino born in our care. Future joins Edward as the 2nd southern white rhino born through artificial insemination in North America. Her name celebrates these monumental milestones and the hope she brings to the future of rhino conservation worldwide.

Saving Rhinos From Extinction

Decades of rampant poaching have taken their toll on all rhinos, but the northern white rhino has suffered worst of all. With only two left on the entire planet, we’re working to save them before it’s too late.

Through generous support from friends like you, we built the Rhino Rescue Center at the Safari Park. At this one-of-a-kind sanctuary, we’re combining cutting-edge science, groundbreaking technology, and more than 100 years of world-class animal care expertise to save these iconic animals from extinction.

Future, along with Edward—the first southern white rhino born through artificial insemination at the Safari Park in July—prove that our program is working and that hope for these gentle giants is at our fingertips. They are miraculous steps forward in our global effort to save species and end extinction.

Amani, a southern white rhino, and her calf, named Future

At two weeks old, Future is already displaying a playful personality.

You Play a Key Role in Conservation

San Diego Zoo Global has the most successful breeding program of its kind for rhinos in the world. Future and Edward are the next generation in rhino conservation and each of them bring us one step closer to perfecting the science and building a surrogacy program, not just for northern white rhinos, but for all rhinos.

Our team of experts and animal care specialists are dedicated to making this dream a reality, just as we did to save the giant panda, California condor, and many other species from the brink of extinction.

Together, with you by our side, the future is bright. We’re saving these magnificent animals—one rhino at a time. We’re reminded each and every day that miracles like these aren’t possible without the support of friends like you, and we’re forever grateful.

Southern white rhino, Future, and her mother, Amani

Future is a little shy, but she's definitely curious about her surroundings. Amani gently uses her horn to steer Future around the yard and barn.

You can follow Future, her mom Amani, and our team of animal care specialists on this historic journey from wherever you are.

On behalf of all of us at San Diego Zoo Global, thank you—your continued support means the world to us. You inspire us and bring us even closer to saving these incredible animals, so that Future’s family is here to meet your family for generations to come.

rhino mom and baby


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