Edward and Future, southern white rhino calves, meet for the first time

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Future Meets Edward

A Bright Future for Two Young Rhinos

We're so excited to tell you that southern white rhino calves Future and Edward shared the big yard at the Nikita Kahn Rhino Rescue Center. Previously, they had a number of howdy sessions, which went very well, but they hadn't been in the same space.

During the howdy sessions, Edward's mother, Victoria, and Future's mother, Amani, seemed at ease with each other and the calves, so we felt comfortable letting them share space. With Edward and Victoria already out in the yard, we opened the gate and let Future and Amani out to meet them. And it went beautifully!

Fast Friends

At first, Future and Edward were hesitant to approach each other. But Future's feisty streak soon won out and she boldly approached him. Shyness gave way to curiosity as they came nose to nose. Once they officially greeted each other, they bonded instantly and began to play, sparring and running.

At nearly three months old, Future is feisty but very sweet. Edward is just over six months old and is a wonderful playmate for her! His calm, easygoing personality is the perfect complement to her spunky attitude. They both love receiving scratches from the rhino care team and playing with water dishes.

This is the first time Future shared space with any rhinos other than Amani, and we're thrilled at how well it went. We're excited to gradually introduce her to the rest of the crash⁠—and we can't wait to share more sweet stories with you.

rhino mom and baby


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