The six rescued southern white rhinos live at the Rhino Rescue Center are part of a special surrogacy program to save their cousins, the northern white rhino, from extinction.

All rhinos are in trouble, but the northern white rhino has suffered worst of all. With only 2 left on Earth, they’ve been poached to the brink of extinction. But we have a plan to save them using cutting-edge science and decades of animal care expertise.

And we are thrilled that two of our rescued rhinos are pregnant! Amani and Victoria are the first rhinos in our 102-year history to become pregnant through artificial insemination. Although Amani, Victoria, and their fetuses are southern white rhinos, this is an important first step, proving the science is working—and that hope for the northern white rhino is at our fingertips.

You can follow along with Amani and Victoria throughout their pregnancies, and check here for updates along the way.

 Check in on Amani 

 Get the latest on Victoria

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Four white rhinos nibbling on grass.