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Your support is saving more than 100 species from extinction, including rhinos. Decades of rampant poaching have brought these gentle giants to the brink of extinction—3 are killed every day. And with only two left on the entire planet—the northern white rhino is the most endangered animal on Earth.

With you by our side, we're leading the fight to save these magnificent animals. Through cutting-edge science, world-class animal care, and a one-of-a-kind surrogacy program, rhinos are on the rebound.

This Endangered Species day, share your love for wildlife and become a voice for rhinos worldwide by posting a photo on your favorite social media channel using #ShowUsYourHeart.

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Together, we're changing the future for rhinos. Post a ♥ photo on your favorite social media channel using #ShowUsYourHeart and share your love for wildlife worldwide.



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We're Expecting!

Our southern white rhinos, Amani and Victoria, who live at the Nikita Kahn Rhino Rescue Center at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have two tiny miracles on the way. And they're the first rhinos in our 103-year history to become pregnant through artificial insemination.



Amani and Victoria the rhinos.



Extraordinary accomplishments like these wouldn't be possible without your support. Major milestones like this bring us one step closer to saving their cousin the northern white rhino. With only 2 northern white rhinos left on the planet—our one-of-a-kind surrogacy program is their only hope for survival.

Help us celebrate these new arrivals and the hope they bring to rhinos worldwide this Endangered Species Day by posting a ♥ photo on your favorite social media channel using #ShowUsYourHeart.



Mother and calf southern white rhino run at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park



I ♥ Rhinos!

Celebrate Endangered Species Day with the whole family. Download this rhino coloring sheet and have your little ones make their mark for wildlife. Share a photo of their finished product using #ShowUsYourHeart and make a big difference for these gentle giants!



Rhino coloring page



Rhinos on hill