Bears Need Your Help

Decades of poaching, wildlife trafficking, and climate change have devastated wild populations. And for most bear species, numbers are declining rapidly. San Diego Zoo Global and its partners are working to save bears across the globe. Your gift to the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy can help rescue bears from a horrific fate in the jungles of Asia, keep an eye on polar bears across the Arctic, and protect brown bears at home in North America.



Please help us reach our goal of raising $75,000 to save bears.

They're counting on you.



a fundraising thermometer shows bear cubs and paw prints









rescued bear cub BLUE from Free the Bears looks into the camera

When he was rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, sweet little Blue was being kept in an outhouse and couldn't walk.


Bear cubs like Blue get 8 bottles a day: every 3 hours, around the clock 

His Name Is Blue

Blue was just a few months old when he was rescued from horrific conditions. This little bear was being kept in a small blue box in a disgusting outhouse. He was calm and sweet, but unable to walk. Blue was stolen from his wild home because of the mistaken belief that his body parts were more valuable than his life.


You can help bears like Blue today. 





Bears rescued so far

rescued cubs Brenda and Beryl play in a tree, then sit together on a wooden platform

Rescued cubs Brenda and Beryl are safe and sound thanks to donors like you.



It's Not Just Blue

We're excited to introduce you to one of our partners, Free the Bears. This incredible organization is working diligently to help bears like Blue. They rescue and protect bears from the illegal wildlife trade, and provide lifelong care for injured bears at their sanctuaries. Working closely together, and with the support of friends like you, bears like Blue have a fighting chance.



a bear with a missing limb walks along, looking into the camera

This bear lost its limb in a snare, but thankfully didn't lose its life.



Cruel Fates

Today, Blue is healthy and thriving because of friends like you. After months of around-the-clock care, veterinary help from across the world, and playtime with other cubs, Blue began to grow strong. Today he is a full-grown healthy bear, walking, running, and climbing like he was meant to.

But not all bears are so lucky. Many more still need you to save them from a cruel fate.

Bears who are rescued from the illegal wildlife trade are often so injured they can't return to the wild. Some are missing limbs from failed poaching attempts, some  suffer from severe malnutrition, and some have been so mistreated that they need lifelong help in these special sanctuaries. In these safe spaces, they have around-the-clock care, plenty of nourishing food, and room to roam and romp with their fellow rescued bears. San Diego Zoo Global's expert nutrition and veterinary care ensures that these bears continue to thrive and live healthy lives. 



a bear stands up on its hind legs in a lush tropical forest, staring straight into the camera

This injured bear is now thriving in a special sanctuary thanks to donors like you.



6 of the world's 8 bear species are Endangered or Threatened

6 Out Of 8

Bears around the world face tough challenges. Habitat loss, the illegal wildlife trade, and climate change threaten 6 of the planet's 8 bear species. San Diego Zoo Global and Free the Bears are working together to save bears across the globe. But none of it would be possible without the support of donors like you. Will you join us?

Your gift will help rescue bears like Blue from a horrific fate in the jungles of Asia, keep an eye on polar bears across the Arctic, and protect brown bears at home in North America.

a bear in profile ON THE EDGE OF A LOG