A happy sun bear plays with a ball.

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Beary Grateful

WOW—in just a few weeks, you helped raise $35,000 to rescue and protect bears from poaching, wildlife trafficking, and habitat loss. We're truly inspired by your generosity and deeply grateful for your support, and we hope you're proud of what we've accomplished together.

Tiny bear cubs sit in a tree.

Beryl and Brenda

Thanks to you, rescued bear cubs like Beryl and Brenda will receive the around-the-clock care—and countless milk bottles!—they need to thrive.

A bear cub explores the grass.

Blue as a baby

Thanks to you, rescued bears like Blue will get world-class care and medicine, plus their favorite treats, like sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and green beans.

A bear munches on a melon.

Floppy Feet

Thanks to you, emergency rescues, like the one that saved Floppy Feet, can save bears in desperate situations and give them the good life they deserve, safe in a forest sanctuary.

Your gift to the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy is helping rescue bears from a horrific fate in the jungles of Asia, keeping an eye on polar bears across the Arctic, and protecting brown bears at home in North America.

Thank you so much for your support.

rhino mom and baby


As we face the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, our team of dedicated specialists continue to care for countless animals and plants that depend on us each and every day.

Your continued support is critical to the wildlife in our care and vital to endangered species worldwide.