What’s cuter than a baby rhino? Two baby rhinos!

Preparations are underway for our two rhino moms-to-be, Victoria and Amani, to welcome their big bundles of joy. You can help them get their nursery ready—and help save the northern white rhino in the process.

You see, these aren’t just any rhino pregnancies. Victoria and Amani are the first rhinos in San Diego Zoo Global’s 103-year history to become pregnant through artificial insemination. They’re part of a cutting-edge program that will help save their cousin, the northern white rhino, from extinction. With only 2 left on the planet, this program is the northern white rhino’s only hope for survival.

These babies are an important and exciting step in the process. Will you make a gift in their honor?


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Months of pregnancy for a rhino mother.

Victoria, a southern white rhino

Victoria just entered her third trimester!





Victoria's baby in ultrasound

Victoria's baby in ultrasound. The baby's kicks can be seen from outside her belly, without equipment.


Life span of a rhino, in years.



Rhino Baby Registry





A baby rhino pops out of a present



Contribute $100 toward a group gift! We need to raise $25,000 to purchase a rhino-sized baby monitor. This new, state-of-the-art, indoor/outdoor camera system will allow veterinarians and keepers to keep an extra-close eye on the moms and babies, around the clock.




A baby rhino with presents



Your gift of $250 could spoil our moms-to-be by providing their favorite treats or a rhino-sized body pillow, a special, extra-cushiony mattress for pregnant rhinos.




A baby rhino and presents



Your gift of $1,200 could run the Rhino Rescue Center for an entire day. And as a thank you, your name (or that of a loved one) will be listed on the San Diego Zoo Global annual conservation recognition plaque. This plaque will be displayed at the San Diego Zoo from Spring 2020 to Spring 2021.




Amani, a southern white rhino

Amani is in her second trimester.


Species of rhino. There used to be nearly 100.


Weight of a baby rhino at birth, in pounds.

Amani's baby, seen in an ultrasound image

Amani's baby in ultrasound. The baby’s feet are nearly 5 cm wide now—about the same as a large paperclip.



On behalf of Victoria and Amani, and all of us here at the Rhino Rescue Center, thank you so much for joining us in the race to save these gentle giants.