A mother lion and her cub stare into the camera from afar

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You Did It!

2018 was a remarkable year and it's all because of you! As we welcome a new year and close out the old, we celebrate the countless successes you made possible. 

An adult elephant walks with a young elephant. A blue box of text next to them reads "Safe & sound"

You helped build a new barn and double the size of the elephant sanctuary in Kenya. Twice the space means twice the rescued elephant orphans. Because of you, these big babies are safe and sound with around-the-clock care and plenty of bottles of milk until they can be released into the wild again.

A black Hawaiian crow rests on a branch in a lush green forest. A blue box of text next to it reads "Growing Flock"

Since 2002, Alala (Hawaiian crows) have been extinct in the wild. You helped bring them back! This fall, one year after 11 critically endangered Alala were successfully reintroduced to their native Hawaiian forests, ten more joined their growing flock.

A northern white rhino looks shyly at you. A blue box of text next to her reads "Little Miracles"

This year brought thrilling news for the future of the northern white rhino. Victoria and Amani are the first rhinos in our 102-year history to become pregnant through artificial insemination. While these two rescued ladies are southern white rhinos, their pregnancies are critical for the recovery of their northern white rhino cousins.

A closeup of an African leopard lounging on a branch. A blue box of text next to it reads "Perfume & a Hairbrush"

Drawn in by the scent of their favorite perfume (really!), leopards rub against a “hair brush”, allowing us to collect DNA and hair samples. We also keep a watchful eye on them with trail cameras, learning where they go and how they behave. You’re helping us gather valuable information about this elusive and threatened big cat so we can save them before it’s too late.  

Eric the rhino is pictured at a Boma in Africa. He stars into the camera against a wall of branches. A blue box of text next to him reads "1 + 1 = hope"

Eric, a critically endangered black rhino born and raised at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, now lives in Tanzania. He has a girlfriend, and that’s good news for the future of this species. Donors like you ensured that Eric was well prepared for this incredible journey in a first-of-its-kind effort to save his species from extinction.

A trail camera image of a cheetah. A blue box of text next to it reads "750,000+".

You did more in one year than we could have done in seven! Citizen Scientists like you helped us reach our goal of making wildlife identifications on over 750,000 images from motion-activated trail cameras in Kenya. We couldn’t do this real-time science without you.

A closely cropped image of a spotted mountain yellow-legged frog nestled in ferns. A blue box of text next to it reads "259 reasons to hope"

Because of you, 259 endangered mountain yellow-legged frogs were reintroduced into the San Bernardino Mountains this year. This was the largest reintroduction of froglets in this program’s history! It wasn’t long ago that this species was on the verge of extinction. There’s still more to be done, but thanks to science, determination, and the support of friends like you, they’re on the road to recovery.

A burrowing owl stands at the entrance to its underground burrow. A blue box of text next to it reads "Hoo Hoo Who?"

You helped us keep an eye on endangered burrowing owls, even bringing some into the San Diego Zoo Safari Park when they were sick. With proper care, we were able to release them back into the wild once they were healthy—and that’s good news for this petite species. Thanks to you, these charismatic little peepers have a fighting chance.

A small bear cub reaches a paw forward as it crawls through grass. A blue box of text next to it reads "Beary grateful"

You helped rescue bears from a cruel fate in the jungles of Asia. Thanks to donors like you, bears who were once victims of the illegal wildlife trade are now thriving in lush, safe tropical sanctuaries, slurping down bottles of milk, climbing trees, and swinging playfully in hammocks!

The word "You!" on a background o blue text covered in hearts

We celebrate you! You are the heartbeat of everything we do. We have hundreds of conservation partners around the world, but without a doubt, you are the most important one. You make hope possible.

2018 was a milestone year in so many ways, and we can’t wait to see what we can do together in 2019.

Thank you for all you do.

rhino mom and baby


As we face the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, our team of dedicated specialists continue to care for countless animals and plants that depend on us each and every day.

Your continued support is critical to the wildlife in our care and vital to endangered species worldwide.