Greg Vicino
Associate Curator of Elephants and Welfare
  • San Diego Zoo Global

After spending most of my career working with primates, I was thrilled to have a chance to work with another socially complex and highly intelligent species like elephants. Working with a socially intact herd that demonstrates all of the behaviors that make elephants the amazing animals they are is very exciting! We are able to contribute to a national study on elephant welfare, which will enhance husbandry knowledge. We have also developed a revolutionary protected-contact system that allows us to work with the elephants while maintaining safety for both the animals and staff.
San Diego Zoo has also accomplished the daunting task of forming a cohesive social group from individual, geriatric female elephants who have limited social development. We have taken the lead in a new national elephant welfare program. All this is vital to elephants thriving in zoos and beyond.

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